PBMarketing Electronic Equipment For veterinarians, animal breeders and farmers!

PBMarketing... A Little Piece Of Magic For Your Farm


Top Quality Electronic Equipment For Farms, Vets and Breeders. A little piece Of Magic for your Farm...

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Tel: (+44) 01884 881391 or

Email: p.blight@pbm.myzen.co.uk

Welcome To PBM

Welcome To PBMarketing!

PBMarketing is a specialist small electronic equipment business for farmers, breeders and vets.  The products  in our extensive range cover everything  from milk  testing to pregnancy scanners to crop moisture meters.

PBMarketing is a family run, farm based business located in North Devon, England. PBMarketing  has been operating since 1997. PBM is Managed by Peter Blight a farmer, bacteriologist and small electronic farm equipment expert. He is a mastitis consultant with twelve years experience. Peter Blight provides phone advise and support for all his  customers.

We aim to provide people with  useful, easy to use, top quality  equipment which really puts a little bit of magic in  your farm!  

For Dairy


Equipment For Cows

Estrous/ Heat Detectors

 Mastitis Detectors

Animal Profi Ultrasound Pregnancy Detectors

Ambisea Ultrasound

Pregnancy Scanners



Dairy  Energy  Heat

Recovery System

 Antibiotic Tests

For Crops

 Grain Moisture Meters  Hay Moisture Meters
The pH Meter  

For Sheep, Goats and Other Small Animals

 For Small Animals The Draminski Pregnancy

 Detector for Sheep

 SonoFarm Mini


Pregnancy Detector

Estrous/ Heat


For Pigs

Equipment For Pigs

 Heat/ Estrous


 Draminski Pregnancy

  Detector for Pigs

 The SonoFarm Mini

Pregnancy Detector