PBMarketing Electronic Equipment For veterinarians, animal breeders and farmers.

PBMarketing... A Little Piece Of Magic For Your Farm

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee: All our products come with a makers 1 year parts and labour guarantee.

We stand by our products, with after sales service, including all repairs as well  as help and advice if required.


Putting A Little Piece Of Magic In Your Farm

          PBMarketing is a specialist firm offering farmers, breeders and vets top quality electronic equipment for their animals.  The products  in our extensive range cover everything  from milk testing equipment to pregnancy scanners.  We aim to provide people with  useful, easy to use, top quality  equipment which really puts a little bit of magic  in your farm.

The Manager: Peter Blight

           PBMarketing is based in the beautiful North Devon countryside. PBmarketing is owned and run by Peter Blight.
Peter Blight has  been involved with farming all his life and has a unique understanding of the needs of the modern farmer.
                   As well as being a successful dairy farmer Peter has also worked at the Express Dairies laboratory in Crediton, Devon, as a Bacteriologist. This role involved culturing and monitoring bacteria, and calculating formula, both for manufacture of milk and other food products,  an experience which  he now uses to help other dairy farmers, providing them with top quality dairy  electonic goods.
                    Peter has also worked  for a decade as a cattle breeding consultant, working  for companies such as Genus, Black and White Sires and eventually ending up as Marketing Manager for Genes Diffusion, a worldwide cattle breeding company, until they stopped direct marketing in the UK in 1999. This knowledge of animal breeding  both on the farm and for private animal breeders has been utilized  and PBM is able to sell estrous and pregnancy detectors for big and small animals.
              The specialized needs of arable farmers are also met by PBM who stock a wide range of top quality small electronic devises for the safe storage of their crops and for soil pH analysis.