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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee: All our products come with a makers 1 year parts and labour guarantee.

We stand by our products, with after sales service, including all repairs as well  as help and advice if required.

For Horses

Here is our extensive range of products for the breeding of horses. Please click on the picture for our full product list.

Animal Profi Ultrasound Scanner

The Animal Profi  Ultrasound Scanner range  from Draminski  fully portable and durable  for the early detection of pregnancy in horses. This is the first ultrasound scanner for professionals that combines full portability, superior picture quality and extreme durability.

Estrous Detector

The Estrous Detector plays a vital role in successful breeding programs for mares, finding the most fertile time for breeding in animals.
This Detector is a small, fully portable and has an easy to read LCD display. It is sturdily built and runs from a 9v battery.

iScan Ultrasound Scanner

The  iScan Ultrasound Scanner is a portable, fully digital ultrasound scanner with linear rectal probe. This is a reliable device for accurate ultrasound diagnosis. The iScan can be used to confirm pregnancy in cows and mares. Using the iScan cattle scanner, pregnancy can be easily confirmed from 25 days in cows. The iScan scanner is also indispensable for tendons and eyeball examination in horses.