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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee: All our products come with a makers 1 year parts and labour guarantee.

We stand by our products, with after sales service, including all repairs as well  as help and advice if required.

Price List

PBM Electronic Products
The following products are available from PBMarketing.

Charts and data for cell count guidelines are available for our Mastitis Detectors,

Our Guarantee
There is a makers one year parts and labour guarantee on our products. We stand by our products, with after sales service, including all repairs, help and advice whenever required.
All orders will have a postage, packing and delivery charge added to the invoice.
All prices are excluding VAT. Prices listed are for payment with order.

Price List

Name Price
Agricultural Thermometer  From £249.00
ANIMAL profi with abdominal or rectal probe   £3759.00
ANIMAL profi with 2 probes, abdominal and rectal £4659.00
AV- 2000 Palmtop Ultrasound Scanner £1599-00
AV- 2010  Handheld  Ultrasound Scanner  
AV-3018 Scanner £2993.00
AV-3618D Digital Scanner £1895
Backfat Scanner £280.00
Beta Star Antibiotic Tester Heater Bloc inc. 5 minute timer  £200.00
Beta Star: Box of 25 vials  £100.00
Dairy  Saving Heat Recovery System £5000+ (Grants Available)
Dog Ovulation Detector  
Estrous Detector (Memory)  £249.00
Grain & Moisture Meter  £239.00
Grain & Density Meter £779.00
Hay Moisture Meter  £269.00
IScan Standard with linear rectal probe £4599.00
IScan Prestige linear probe LCD, LED £4799.00
Mastitis Detector: 4x4Q  £309.00
Mastitis Detector Standard  £229.00
Mastitus Detector: 4Q (Memory)  £259.00
Mastitis Detector Cell Count chart and Data  £10.00
Milk Analyser: Expert  £2190.00
Milk Analyser: Julie C2  £1890.00
Milk Analyser: Julie C3  £2490.00
Milk Analyser: Julie C5 £2990.00
Milk Analyser: Julie C8
pH Meter  £279-00
Pregnancy Detector for Sheep & Pigs  £249.00
Son-Trace VET with Abdominal Probe £2359.00
SonoFarm Mini Scanner with abdominal probe  £1959.00
Sonofarm Profti with abdominal or rectal probe £3359.00
Mechanical sector rectal probe £1099.00